A Blue in the Aglow Abyss

PrizeShortlist in Painting
University/SchoolChelsea College of Arts
ArtistKeisuke Takeda
CreditBlood or Sea / 1000×800mm / acrylics on cotton
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As I close my eyes, I perceive that the unknown world broad spread in my eyes. In the world, an unknown blue creature perpetually keep moving whereas that I never grasp what is it? Though he always exist and drift in all my nerves. As I close my eyes, I can connect with diverse dimensions in someone else through him nerves. The world in my eyes are as though a ravine among diverse dimensions. The world is thin whereas profound. He can leap to any dimensions through the world.

Keisuke Takeda was born in Yokohama, Japan, 1984. He graduates from MA Fine Art in Chelsea College of Arts in 2022. His painting work has selected for London International Creative Competition 2021(as Winner), London International Creative Competition 2020(as Finalist), Wales Contemporary Art Prize 2020(as Short listed), The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2020(as Short listed), London International Creative Competition 2019(as Short listed).