A Progression of Ice Artistry and Imagery

PrizeShortlist in Photography
University/SchoolRyerson University - School of Image Arts
ArtistBernard Fournier

First, a simple block of ice bubbled with air, firmly set in the world of the studio. In detail, a single strobe light igniting all its inclusions. Now move into the ice and explore the worlds waiting inside. Send a human figure into this world. In the context of the studio all is calm. Move into the ice and chaos and uncertainty seem to reign. A shard of ice from this block reveals a fantastical mountain range. What about colour? A familiar green apple intertwined with impossibly placed red, green, and blue frozen acrylic paint. What energy-filled whimsical alien worlds have we discovered!

Founding education/career in mechanical engineering. Now Ryerson University - Photography Studies. Currently exploring the technical challenges presented by ice as an artistic medium. Digital and analog-film photography used in the studio to capture and preserve in imagery this transient art form.