Sritam Kumar Sethy

Surrounded by yellow

PrizeShortlist in Photography
University/SchoolHitech College of Pharmacy
ArtistSritam Kumar Sethy

It's a macro shot of a boy's eye who was maked up with full of yellow colours over his face during the occasion of Holi in India. I was roaming on the streets of Bhubaneshwar & saw this boy's face. It really attracted me towards him.I asked to take a picture of his eye & he showed nicely to me.The highlight of the picture is that it reflects the outer environment in his eye ball.The picture shows the real emotions of an individual towards the festival The culture & tradition behind holi is an ultimate triumph of the 'good' over the 'evil'.

Hello , Myself Sritam Kumar Sethy . I am based in balasore,odisha,India.I am amatuer photographer doing Photography since two & a half year . From early days when I was in class 9th I started my photography taking photos of flowers & tiny creatures around my surroundings , thereafter I took this more passionately . I got introduced to Instagram before one year which is a very good platform for showcasing Photography & it changed my vision towards Photography.I started clicking more creatively & pushed me to take more innovative shots .