NIKE Outdoor Advertising

PrizeShortlist in Advertising Creative, Finalists in Advertising Creative
CompanyCreplus Design
ArtistHao SHAN
Design TeamArt Director? Weimiao DU? Catherine Leroy

We will integrate the logo of Nike into all kinds of sports, making the logo of Nike as the elements of creative, transforming the symbols of Nike into the stairs of the athletes creating the good results, ribbons of gymnasts, diving platforms of the divers and the peak of the rock climbing. The advertisement is made simply with explicit features and extraordinary visual effects, clear information transfer, and shows the features of the sports and risk-taking of Nike.

Hao SHAN is a Creative Director&Founder of Creplus Design-Shanghai.Graduated from National Higher College of Fine Arts in Limoges,France. Once served as Art Director of Publicis(Paris) and Visual Design Director of Technicolor Group’s headquarter(Paris).And he is also a visual design project evaluation expert of the Shanghai Municipal Government,a jury member at A`design award & Muse Creative Awards.Rich experience in international brand design projects,such as L`Oreal,Nike,SFR,Dassault,Thomson,Renault,Citroen,Nestlé,Disney,etc.