Zé Miguel Cardoso - How to Craft Port Wine Infographic

How To Craft Port Wine - Infographic

PrizeShortlist in Illustration - Graphic Design
CompanyZé Miguel Cardoso
ArtistJosé Miguel Cardoso
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This infographic poster seeks to simplify and communicate the alchemy of Port wine production. It offers a detailed and illustrated description of the process of production of the major different types of Port wine. The design of the vineyards is used as a visual metaphor, whose ramifications are developed in different types of Port wine. The inherent aging of the grape varieties is illustrated by the gradual thickening of the vine strain. The chromatic approach is "colour smart", meeting the transformation of the color of Port wine over the years.

Passionate about good food and good wines, also obsessed with drawing. Born in the city of Porto. Resident in São João da Madeira, Portugal. His observational drawings usually capture the quotidian places, moments and landscapes, using ballpoint Bic pen, with a fascination to express the correct line at the first trace. The work is lonely, slow and obsessive. Creates and designs maps regularly, which are “taylor made” to the body of places, combining the drawing of vistas with the cartographic code. He’s often takes part in drawing exhibitions.