Paintings about women

PrizeShortlist in Painting, Finalists in Painting
ArtistHadis Jafari

My paintings are mostly about women and their morals, the creation of forms and contexts is all summed up in the subject of women. I creates endless backgrounds without horizon which neither go back nor come forward. They have stayed in the middle, sometimes are trans-shaped between the body and spaces boundlessly, and sometimes are moving. ievades any description and compromises with myself against a great question for perceiving this concept (woman). I attempts to dominate over the space playfully and turns this reaction to a representation of lines and colors and surfaces womanly.

hadis jafari Was born in 1981 in Tehran, Iran Art Category: Drawing, Painting Artistic Career since 1997 And she's an architect Participation in several Painting Exhibitions in Iran,russian and Turkey