Stone Nest Amphitheatre for Community Activities

PrizeShortlist in Architecture, Finalists in Architecture
Company3andwich Design / He Wei Studio
ArtistWei He
Design TeamHe Wei, Chen Long, Tang Jing, Li Wanting, Li Junqi, Lin Peiqing, Zhao Xinze, Ji Zimeng, Liu Song, Li Hongyu(intern)
Client Songshan Sub-district Office, Huancui district, Weihai city, China
CreditJin Weiqi
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The project was an abandoned small-sized stone pit in a village in north China. Its original cliff is preserved without any treatment as background wall of the theater. It includes an open-air theater to provide community services for the villagers, such as public gatherings, cultural and leisure activities. The grandstand is set around the stone wall, gradually raised from the stage ground level, under which a new architectural volume is hidden, with storage, public toilet and cafe, providing logistics and public supporting services. The project provides a model for environmental remediation.