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CompanyZena Holloway
CreditZena Holloway
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This series takes place in the Ring of Cenotes in Mexico where the ancient Mayans believed the underground rivers were a gateway to another world. Today, tourists gather to momentarily escape gravity, to swim, dive and explore. When all around us is full of immobile and solid substances, water is uniquely fluid and pliable; it allows our imagination to flow. Fifty years after the moon landings we continue to dream of space travel and building colonies on Mars.

Zena Holloway is a self-taught, British photographer best known for her distinctive images of people and animals in underwater environments. Her photographic career spans thirty years and has featured in a wide range of publications including National Geographic, Dazed&Confused, Paris Match, How to Spend it, Harpers Bazaar, GQ, Vanity Fair, The Observer, 125, Stylist, Quintessentially Magazine, JFW, Twill, Vision, Neon, Schon, Cent magazine and The Sunday Times.