Silver Lining

PrizeShortlist in Photography
CompanyGritt Sanders Artwork
ArtistGritt Sanders
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Give voice to the silenced heart - opening up and letting go of the hiding behind fences. If not we will forever be invisible of our true self and uniqueness. Breathing on our own and remembering that we need to take care of our selves first in order to be the better person for others.

Gritt Sanders seeks to create stories that float in the imaginative universe. Using painterly expression and symbolic features that underline the timeless and fluid figurative artwork. She works with the photographic image and essentially augments it using numerous textured layers using lighting and brushwork to create a storytelling that seems hypnotic in nature. Gritt Sanders was brought up and live in Denmark, Scandinavia, the little fairytale country where author H. C. Anderson still have an impact in the way of telling a story and to “Have a say”. Gritt Sanders work in the same way with.