1st Brazil Rammed Earth Hostel emerge from Nature

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
CompanyAtelier BAM
ArtistClément Gérard
Design TeamClement Gerard, Juliana Bertolucci
ClientJC Empreendimento
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Inspired by the soft coast of Moro Branco, in Ceara where the project site, the rammed earth raw housing residences are the first hostels' project of its kind in Brazil. Resulting from an international collaboration with CRAterre, at ENSAG were the designers' study, the project meets the best wellness and sustainable principles for nature connected experience. Using the proper soil of the site with a constructing method called rammed earth, residences merged into the natural landscape and benefit from the natural characteristics of the earth, providing a naturally temperate interior climate.

Specialized in Sustainable design, their creations were exposed to several international Art&Design Fair, published by several specialized reviews like Damn, Icon, Estadao Casa, with Television’ appearances on ARTE 1 and Globo, they were selected as Designer to Follow by Vogue Brazil. With a highly detailed minimalist aesthetic, their creation embraces high-quality materials with a wide diversity of skilled craft technics. Juliana Bertolucci is graduated with Honor from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of São Paulo Brazil FAU-USP, Clément Gérard is graduated in France, has a