South Haven Centre for Remembrance

PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
CompanySHAPE Architecture + Group2 Architecture + PECHET Studio
Artist Dwayne Smyth
Design TeamNick Sully, Jessica McGillivray, Benjamin Fisher, Scotty Keck, Avery Titchkosky, Kate Busby, Bill Pechet, Anneliese Fris, James Townsend, Eric Hui
ClientCity of Edmonton
CreditPhotograph by Ema Peter

The South Haven Centre for Remembrance creates a new non-denominational facility for the City of Edmonton. The design features a symbolic thirteen metre tower which emerges from the prairie landscape which makes reference to the existing grave sites, monuments, columbaria and the latent memory that they embody. Our memory of visiting a cemetery is marked by time; the position of the sun, the quality of light and the weather on that particular day. For some it may be a solitary visit for a ceremony, for others it may be experienced through ritual visits which span the rest of their lives.