Musical Rhythms of Life

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
CompanyAnastasiia Kruglova
Design TeamAnastasiia Kruglova

Throughout my life, art remains the main language of communication with the outside world, which has no boundaries and difficulties in translation. I feel that audio environment has a greater impact on me rather than visual. And that is an inspirational point for me. I find each aspect of life quite unique and emotive: time, nature, visual and audible environment, science, silence, emotions etc. all simultaneously and interconnected. This series of works is united by the concept of the influence of the invisible on our perception: our feelings, fears, prejudices and expectations.

Anastasiia Kruglova an artist from Russia, Moscow. Art education received in the creative workshop Kovalik O.A., honorable member of Moscow Union of Artists. Anastasiia tries to communicate with the audience by giving a feeling of immersion in the richly emotionally coloured world of the artist. Her manner of mastering color, brush and shapes, understanding the structure and structure of the graphic plane conquers, fascinates and is remembered. One of the favourite medias is oil painting, but also acrylic and mixed media has been explored by the author.