Labyrinths of perception

PrizeShortlist in Create (art)
CompanyDomenico Frisini (Dieffen)
ArtistDomenico Frisini

Just a snapshot of latent images of thoughts and visions without a necessary logic or operational utility in our daily actions. A kind of connective tissue of thoughts that allows our spirit to circulate freely and to renew itself.

Born in Apulia (Italy) in 1954 where I attended the artistic high school. Then I moved to Florence to study architecture and industrial design and begin to work in architecture studios. In 1988 I founded an architecture and interior design studio in Bari, continuing to dedicate myself to informal art first and minimalist later. Since 2000 I have been using computers and photography for my artistic expression. I have exhibited my works in various galleries in Bari, Rome and Florence. I am never tired of researching on anything that satisfies my hunger for creativity and beauty.