PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
CompanyHannah Thomas Studio
ArtistHannah Thomas
CreditHannah Thomas

This painting was created during the first lockdown due to the pandemic, back in April this year. It conveys in the energy and freedom of it's technique and its wild and chaotic palette of fire tones and inky stormy blacks, a real sense of building tension and an undertone of apocalyptic insinuation. The title is a reflection of my own growing unease at society's attitudes during lockdown and feeling more and more skeptical and at odds. Whilst making this I was possessed of a genuine sense of abandon and courage and hence this painting has a real sense of the epic about it.

Hannah Thomas is a semi-abstract painter, currently based in Wlltshire, UK. She attended the University of the West of England in Bristol, graduating with a BA in Art and Visual Culture in 2000. She then spent ten years working as a music photographer in London, transitioning to painting in 2017. Hannah's style is constantly evolving, playing with simple abstraction, surrealist and figurative elements. Her themes of the absurd, romantic and chaotic combined with issues of conflicting desires, pressures of ageing and the constraints placed on the individual by society fuel her work.