Colors of Earth

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CompanyOlga Brovchenko
ArtistOlga Brovchenko
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I use painting to explore our world, life and people’s emotions. I am discovering new ways to transfer impressions and emotions to a viewer. My work aims to find the simplest means to describe difficult subjects. Series “Colors of Earth” is a reflection on beauty and predestination of our world. Here I am working with shapes and colors. Every landscape has the main color: blue, white, violet, brown, gray, green. I am looking for the most suitable subject and painting style for each one. I am searching for balance between reality and abstraction, logic and expression.

Olga was born in Novosibirsk, Russia and received her formal training at Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and Arts, completing her studies in 2001. Olga has rich exiperience in spheres of graphic design, art and teaching. Her series ‘Colours of Earth’ exhibited at Spaces, Prague (2020) and Vienna Art Fair 2021 with Gallery Gaudi, Madrid. Olga founded her freelance business in 2017. Working from her studio in Prague, Czech Republic, she creates personal projects and commissions for clients. Olga sees her artwork as a means to explore the world and share impressions and emotions.