Culture and Movement

PrizeShortlist in Create (art)
CompanyDq Nguyen Studio
ArtistDq Nguyen
CreditAtlanta Rise by Nq Nguyen

Through out my life painting to me is as interconnected with life. What I hold most as an a artist is to learn from my paintings to progress. Form my studies of past painters that continued to push and evolve art to express new ideas into movements. What I take from that is the idea to constantly reinvent and explore into those movements that opened doors to future artist like me. As a painter I feel that taking these ideas of different break through in thinking and inventing pushes what can be formulated by creating.

Born in Vietnam during 1975 my family was forced to take refuge due to the war. As a war baby I lived 7 days in my native country. Basically my mother was waiting for me to be born. By good fortune we were able to escape and eventually sponsored by a family in America. As a child I began to be inspired by creating. This was through copying and trying to replicate comic book figures, the scenes, and exaggerated expressiveness. From schooling I was always taking art classes every year and eventually became serious about the arts and studying past painters.