Evolution of inner space

PrizeShortlist in Create (art)
ArtistStephanie Laura Huber
ClientPrivate work
CreditBig Shell
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The serie “ Evolution of inner space “ is an invitation to touch Art, hold, move, experience, and play ( not only with the eyes). All inspired by the flora; each piece is unique and explores the possibilities of “inner value”, celebrating the wonders of life and joy of nature. Some pieces have been painted to capture light while others remain natural; all are made with a traditional material “wood” but in an unconventional technique using “chainsaws”. Size ranging from 40*50*50 cm up to 30*50*150 cm.

Born in Germany, Stephanie Huber holds a Master's Degree in Forestry (2008). Stephanie has over 20 years of experience as a woodcarver, mostly realizing masterpieces with chainsaws. She has created a body of fine work of wood sculptures and was commissioned to craft by private owners and institutions. Stephanie’s work is permanently exhibited all around the world from Canada to Italy, from Japan to Germany. Recently, she focused on creating fine art series reflecting “mind - people - - place”. Modern and substantial, Stephanie’s sculptures are an invitation to touch, to use, and experience.