PrizeShortlist in Create (art)
CompanyArtwow Group Company Limited
ArtistHikoko Ito
ClientHong Kong Architecture Center

Using only recycled paper store bags, marker pens & scissors, the designer led community members to create visions of their dream homes and a miniature neighborhood that counters monotony with individuality. The inside of each bag represents a single central space in a flat. Placed side by side and stacking on top of one another, the store bags weave color and space together, creating a harmonious rhythm in this “flat jungle” which is further enlivened by the custom lighting sequence of the pre programmed LED lights.

Born in Akita, Japan, Hikoko had worked on multi-disciplinary design projects, and had also taught courses in architecture at universities and art institutions. She produces prints, digital art, games as well as large-scale 3D creations endowed with Chinese characters. Her works have been exhibited in Venice, Paris, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China; and have also adorned postal stamps, wall murals, public seating, interior wall claddings, as well as a collection of scarves and fashion apparels of Hermès’s Shang Xia brand.