What came first?

PrizeFinalists in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyJui-Chieh Hung, Ming-Yu Chen, Wen-Chi Chen, Hui-Yi Lin
ArtistJui-Chieh Hung, Ming-Yu Chen, Kai-Li Wu
Design TeamJui-Chieh Hung, Ming-Yu Chen, Wen-Chi Chen, Hui-Yi Lin
ClientVanung University

“What came first?” is the theme of the graduation exhibits of Department of Commercial Design in Vanung University. The visual identity is designed as a figure of a little monster. On top of that, there are two colors, fuchsia and lawngreen, to present as male and female. Every little monster also symbols a young designer who attended the exhibition. Also, every designer has their own style and appearance design. They has spent countless night and use their imagination to bring out their creativity.