ValueLabs - Reimagining Identity

PrizeShortlist in Illustrate (graphic)
ArtistKadambari Sahu
Design Team1. UXG - User Experience Group, ValueLabs and, 2. Marketing Team, ValueLabs
CreditUXG Team @ ValueLabs
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ValueLabs has grown from a 3-member team to a global company with a workforce of 5500+ across 30 locations, with 150+ clients. To create an enriching experience, a service design approach was followed, leading to a fresh, bold identity reflecting the foundational values and a website with a sophisticated look and an easy interface. To ensure that the change is welcomed, a focused campaign of 21 days was planned, culminating with an immersive launch exhibition for employees, while re-creating the brand’s journey externally. The exhibition recorded a footfall of 1500+ visitors.

Kadambari is an award winning Designer & a Design Leader, working as SVP design at ValueLabs. She founded User Experience Group at ValueLabs, & is currently leading 50+ designers to create world-class & award-winning products and services to have a positive impact on businesses. Her forte lies in building, growing, coaching & mentoring high-performance design teams from scratch. She creates design culture by infusing design thinking within organisations & businesses to create a holistic strategy and customer experience. Her practice in design allows her to work on intangible & tangible aspects