PrizeShortlist in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyPablo Ladosa
Design TeamColleen Morice, Neal Pleasance, Paul Baker
CreditPablo Ladosa
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I created the largest set of illustrations Pokerstars produced for the brand. For website and apps backgrounds. Having total freedom I did superdetailed illustrations of a clean, electric, futuristic spirited city. I wanted to radiate creativity and inspiration through vibrant colours and modern shapes. In a fast peace world, I wanted to do something different, and create crafted artworks, detailed and elaborated. I worked for a year in this collection to add countless details, and craft like it was a painting.

I’m a Spanish Multidisciplinary artist and Art Director passionate about design and technology. I loved art and tech since I was a kid, drawing, painting, and sculpture, and since I started to play on the computer with Illustrator and 3D software, at the age of 12. I loved to spend the evenings designing. I worked in Madrid and London. Through my art and illustration practice, I tried to develop my visual expression with a futuristic look. But It’s combining a definite sense of nostalgia with a modern-high tech setting.