2020 ARPHIC Font Library

PrizeShortlist in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyHong Da Design Studio
ArtistJiang Hong Da
Design TeamJiang Hong Da
ClientArphic Technology Co., Ltd.

Focuses on three main points “convenience”, “diversity” and “ environmentally friendly ”as the major themes for the 2020 ARPHIC Font Library, it has been categorized into four collections; #1 DECORATION: Post-print processing conveying the intricate details of the font. #2 CALLIGRAPHY: introducing “ANATOMY OF TYPEFACE”, “SPACING”, “LEADING” and “PUNCTUATION MARKS” of Chinese and English. #3 COLLECTION OF DESIGN: presented fonts and punctuation marks with stickers enabling users. #4 CLASSICS: showcasing a variety of printing methods including test prints and multiple detection tools.