PrizeShortlist in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyNz Studio
ArtistXiaoxi(Nancy) Zhang
Design TeamGuangxi Normal University Press Group
ClientGuangxi Normal University Press Group
CreditWritten& Illustration by Nancy Zhang, Cover design by GuangXi Normal University Press Group, Translation by Joshua Ogden-Davis
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How many people will we meet in our lives? How many will we remember? These moments of connection, the shining instants that define our lives, cannot be created - they can only be encountered.The vivid illustrations and vignettes of Encounters focus on the connections we create when we encounter each other and the ways that these connections change us. Encounters are composed of countless chance events, and "chance" may just be another word for " hope." As bilingual publication(Mandarin & English), it contains 95 short stories, 107 illustrations, 461 pages in total.