365 days.

PrizeShortlist in Illustrate (graphic)
ArtistVivi-Ann Slaatsveen
Design TeamKjetil Wold, Jens Haugen, Magnus Vanem, Balder Dysthe, Orinta Stragockyte, Tor Hernan Floor, Van Cat Lam, Margrethe B Evensen,
ClientNY - hair and beauty salon
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Hair and beauty salon named NY ( NY = New in Norwegian ) When people are coming into our hair and beauty salon they enter to experience some kind of change, upgrade, or refresh. Our staff creates new looks, haircuts, make-up, and revitalizes people. Walking out of the saloon we see that they have new self-esteem and confidence. Our logo and identity need to do the same, showing clients that we can give them something new every day of the year! 365 logos to choose from, always new. We are looking forward to next year already.