PrizeShortlist in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyNovaidea Creative Resources
ArtistFranco Vendramin
Design TeamFranco Vendramin, Giordano Zanotto
ClientCa' del Bosco
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Novaidea carries out the restyling of two new references. The layout of the labels traces the common thread of the identity, the decorative friezes and the "Annamaria Clementi" logo, name of the founder of the company to whom the bottle pays homage, were designed. The labels, made with customized cement-finished paper, recall the tactile and visual aspect of stone so as to evoke the milestone and soul of the company.The clip closure and the fabric collar that recalls feminine elegance are iconic.Two colors created ad hoc for the two references.The essential packaging reflect the prestige.

Novaidea interprets the concept behind each brand, capturing what makes it unique and accenting those qualities in all its marketing materials while creating high-impact, unforgettable corporate identities. The stories we write are destined to last. Logo design, brand strategy and visual and corporate identity since 1979.