PrizeShortlist in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyWei-Ching Lin Design Studio
ArtistWei-Ching Lin
ClientAppedu Design Institute
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The pointillism technique is applied to suggest how pollution caused by humans, no matter how insignificant, will converge to cause catastrophic damage to the ecological environment. Vehicle emissions become the hand gesture that is hurting the animals, representing how pollution is harming the environment. Collection 1: Marine pollution – Oil spills from ships are like hands choking the life out of marine organisms. Collection 2: Air pollution – Vehicle emissions are suffocating the birds. Collection 3: Land pollution – The Dumping of waste soil and garbage is strangling animals on land.

Wei-Ching Lin currently works as a user interface designer and as a front-end web developer at a tech company designing user interfaces, writing front-end web programs and creating web animations. He has a lot of experience in website design and also studies the usage patterns of digital software and the overall user experience.