La moitié

PrizeFinalists in Decorate (interior)
CompanyOne Fine Day Studio & Partners
ArtistJunPeng Li
Design TeamJiaCheng Su/ChunJie He/ YongJie Lao/ LongBiao Liang
ClientLa moitié
CreditJunNing Yang

‘La Moitié’ is a retail store and restaurant located in the suburb of Panyu District, Guangzhou in China. The name translates to ‘half’ in French, Half homophonic " companion ", take the meaning of partner. A man and a woman, a round, such as the beginning of heaven and earth, like nature itself. Designers through the pink&black two opposite characteristics of color will be two independent space to establish a contact and division.Half of the pink Rococo theme, the creation of classical soft "female" beauty, the other half is a gray-black box, showing a previous look at the impression.