The Sheen Trendy Hub

PrizeShortlist in Decorate (interior)
CompanyGong Gou Design
ArtistVerna Huang
Design TeamVerna Huang, Camby Wu
ClientGong Gou Design
CreditGong Gou Design

Take the advantages of the original configuration, and then ingeniously expand the spatial function, moreover, plan the high ceiling structure and large-scale lighting layout as the core of the design. Besides, the dynamic and vivid features perfectly form the atmosphere of releasing pressure. The introduction of natural light brings the soothing effect of basking in the sun. As time goes by, the light and shadow flow and change, eventually brings about an elegant and classical working space, which for people to be far away from the hustle and bustle urban life.

Build a dreamer together - since 2017, has adhered to the spirit that patience is the virtue, and the specific requirements of the construction crafts, we continuously provide multiple spatial planning services. We strictly controlled the quality of the project, constantly make progress, and examine ourselves, expect to create the most conspicuous function and aesthetic atmosphere. In the design field, we don't pursue the specific styles, other than to seek various creative ideas. We attach importance to the well communication in advance; moreover, value the demands of the property owners.