PrizeShortlist in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyShilpa Narayanan
Design TeamDirection,DOP,Editing : Shilpa Narayanan | Model:Elena Roxana | Stylist:Surbhi Gupta | MUAH:Disha Karia, Shraddha Bachani | Music :Clozee-Gully Squal
ClientThe Source
CreditShilpa Narayanan
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[Embers – A fashion film] This body of work: Chronicled here is a collaboration in crafting an expressive body of art. To me it marks a blurring between reality and fantasy, inhabiting a fictive universe. They are the workings of imagination and a deeply shared love of beauty. This fashion film is a culmination of artistic expression in all genres – photography, fine art and fashion. One of my biggest inspirations while shooting women have been sculptures. Their ethereal quality and understanding of form have influenced this body of work.