PrizeShortlist in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyHuang Qingjun Studio
ArtistHuang Qingjun
CreditHuang Qingjun

Acknowledgements 26 letters and 10 numbers are the basic tools that we begin to acknowledge our world, and then express. There are always new words emerge along with the time being. I wrote them on 36 pieces 24 inches gelatin silver photographic paper by fixer, and then brush developer and let the liquid flow irregularly, produce the feeling of instability, at the same time nostalgia. This work size is variable; it can be composed by different letters and numbers in different shapes according to location and event., exhibited all or part. This year it can be showed include COVID19.

Huang Qingjun's representative work is Family Stuff from 2003 to present. Various international media, such as the New York Times, Bloomberg, and Wired, have also covered these works. BBC interviewed Huang and his works three times. His works have also appeared in magazines and albums such as Architecture Boston, Business Insider, GEO, Chinese National Geography, Discovery Cultural Geographic Monthly, Guardian Weekend, China Daily, Chinese Photography Magazine, Grazia France, Dutch Weekly Magazine, Vrij Nederland, Dutch Financial Daily, Family Photography etc.