something invisible

PrizeShortlist in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistHajime Inomata

These pictures stimulate your imagination. With that picture, you will imagine a new story.

1975 ?Born in Kanagawa Prefecture 2010 ?10th Ricoh Photo Contest: Ricoh Photo Contest 10th Anniversary Special Award 2011 ?Nippon camera photo contest (monochrome print department) year Award third place 2013?May-July 2013 solo exhibition at the Canon Gallery Ginza, Fukuoka, Umeda, Nagoya "indelible and reverberation · A case of Manhattan" was held. About 3,000 visitors. 2015?Solo exhibition at Ricoh imaging Square Shinjuku March 2015 "today from that day, to that day from today" was held. About 1000 visitors. 2017?Solo exhibition at Epson's Epsite Gallery Shinjuku August 2017 "something-