Ding Ding HK Tramways Board Game

PrizeShortlist in Use (product)
CompanyPeople On Board
ArtistFai Leung, Thomas Wong, Laine Tam, Sharon Tse
Design TeamPOB Design Team
ClientPeople on Board

Ding Ding?HK Tramways Board Game, is a board game base on Hong Kong Tramways which is one of the prominent tourist attractions in Hong Kong. The tram is an icon of Hong Kong and one of the best, enjoyable ways to explore the metropolis. The tram runs along some of interest and historic regions of Hong Kong island. It moves at a relatively low speed, so travellers can experience time in the scene. Player will play as tourists and use the " Ding Ding Cards" travel around the northern to the southern section of Hong Kong Island. The fastest player to collect the "Fun Cards" will win the game.