PrizeShortlist in Use (product)
CompanyStudio Isometrico
ArtistEmanuele Cavaglion
Design TeamGiovanni Cavaglion, Jinming LI
CreditEmanuele Cavaglion

The aim of this project is simple: create a suitcase design solution that allows you to keep your clothes organized and easily accessible while traveling. The "bug", in order to achieve this goal, combines in a single and smart object the comfort of a dresser and the portability of a suitcase.The design basically consists of a protective plastic shell inside which 4 removable fabric drawers are inserted following the metal guides. In order to keep the drawers stable and safe during the trip, a thin waterproof layer can cover the entire front of the suitcase simply by pulling the zip all around

Emanuele Cavaglion was born in Turin in 1993. After graduating in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin, he has collaborated with the municipality and several firms in the city, working on both design and architecture projects. Since 2018 he is working, as a postgraduate researcher, with the Masterplan team of the Polytechnic of Turin, to develop the expansion of the university inside the city. In 2020 he co-founded the "Studio Isometrico”, a multidisciplinary workplace for the development of innovative ideas and projects in collaboration with architects and designers from China.