handisure: The Fix & Forget, Child Safety Doorstop

PrizeShortlist in Use (product)
University/SchoolUniversity College London
ArtistPulathis Siriwardana
Design TeamAlex Jones, Vineth Siriwardana
CreditGiovanni Loi
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Nearly 300,000 children go to hospital and 15,000 loose fingers each year in the US due to door crush injuries. My son nearly crushed his hand because I forgot to place a doorstop. Almost all door finger guards need to be placed consciously. ‘handisure®’ is a self-engaging, child safety doorstop which provides hinge and lock side protection. It is unreachable to toddlers and has a unique ‘smart head™’ function which stops the door from closing, even if a toddler passes through the door. It is minimalistic, very easy to install, has no mechanical working parts and designed to be door friendly.