"Be Still"

PrizeShortlist in Use (product)
University/SchoolArtcenter College of Design
ArtistJohannes (Shengyuan) Lu
Design TeamJohannes (Shengyuan) Lu
CreditJohannes (Shengyuan) Lu "Be Still"

“Be Still” is a table collection that represent the pursuit of stillness. I started this project trying to design a table that gives off a sense of calmness, but I soon realized that stillness, can only be achieved from within. “Be Still” represents stillness in a very literal way. The main body of the table has the form of a curved vortex, this form, together with a mirrored reflective surface, distorts the environment it's in. When someone walks around it, the reflections on the inner surface of the table swirls and rotates with the viewer, and when the viewer stops moving, clarity is found.