PrizeShortlist in Use (product)
University/SchoolCommunication University of Zhejiang
ArtistYu Zhenfa
Design TeamLIN Weifeng,TIAN Zhen,ZHU Hengchang,YE Feng,SHAO Zhenzhen
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Every year, pencils not fully utilized add up to great waste of resources. We have therefore designed "LOOP PENCIL" to improve this situation. LOOP PENCIL is a completely new combination pencil. It can freely combine different forms through the "one turn, one change" method, so as to achieve the effect of Min.pencil +Min.pencil > MAX.pencil. LOOP PENCIL adopts the design method of thread and the design concept of LOOP (loop). The small loop of design drives the large loop of resources, which is undoubtedly a more ideal solution.