Fish Gua Sha

PrizeShortlist in Use (product)
University/SchoolSchool of the Art Institute of Chicago
ArtistMin Kyung Jee
CreditJonathan Allen
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The Fish Gua Sha is a portable self-massage instrument that has several smooth-edges which can be used in short or long strokes on the skin to relieve muscle pain, promote relaxation, and energize the senses. The Fish Gua Sha are milled from Beech wood and take their forms from the Sunfish, the Hatchetfish, and the Catfish. The Gua Sha is a healing technique of traditional East Asian medicine that is often used in ancient healing art of acupressure. These acupressure points are specific sites on the body that often treat pain or discomfort elsewhere.

Min Kyung Jee is a designer who is focused on designing objects that communicate to the audience with stories and by having empathy. She concentrates on problem solving, form developing, and project management. Her designs focus on harmonies of form, emotion, and functional qualities. Min Kyung is interested in creating everyday objects that sparks dialogue between consumer and creator.