GORGEOUS BAY Display Center

PrizeShortlist in Build (architecture)
CompanyShanghai PTArchitects
ArtistRen Xiangyi, Hu Qiao, Guo Jun tang, Liu Tianye
Design TeamLiu Tianye, Hong Liping, Li Jie, Wang Qiyue, Liu Yusen, Gui Zhaohui, Sang Tiancheng, Gu Jixu, Ruan Nanhu, Han Linghui, Miao Jin, Yang Xiaolu, Wang Tai
ClientGemdale Group

Located in Qingpu District, Shanghai, GORGEOUS BAY Display Center is encircled by a vast swathe of green land interwoven with rivers. Carrying the major function of residential display and sales, this building is aspired to attain fusion and co-existence of the landscape at the street corner and the city. We allocate a building area by setting back from the boundary line at the entrance for a street-corner open park that offers more recreational space for residents.