PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
CompanyAvoid Obvious Architects
ArtistVicky Chan
Design TeamDavid S. K. Au and Associates Limited, Wan Chung Engineering Co. Ltd., Farmacy, Studio 9527, ComosC Design, ValleyFarm, KeyLearning Center, Imagennix
ClientRough C Limited
CreditAvoid Obvious Architects | Imagennix
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This community farm in Hong Kong promotes culture, education, and technology in farming. Data we collected help other urban farms to expand. Our design challenges urban agriculture under extreme conditions and turns farming into a natural education that people can enjoy. Because of the coastal condition along Victoria Harbour, we have innovated three types of farming to suit this specific climate including hydroponics, organic and aquaponics. Our vision is to make career in farming serious, smart, and professional. Kids can begin to look up to farmers again.