Facade Design of Hong Kong Science Museum & Museum of History

PrizeShortlist in Build (architecture)
CompanyARTA Architects Limited
ArtistArnold Yok Fai Wong
Design TeamTat Lai Wong & Zikai Zhuang
ClientArchitectural Services Department & Leisure and Cultural Services Department
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Our proposal for the façade design of the expansion of the Hong Kong Science Museum and Museum of History creates distinctive expressions for the existing portion of each museum while harmoniously fusing both museums together. Pages of books symbolically represents the Museum of History’s role in revealing page by page, chapter by chapter, the stories of Hong Kong’s past, while the façade of the Science Museum is clad with tubular pipes as a conceptual representation of optic fibres to celebrate its importance as the medium for modern communication, and to represent the spirit of innovation.

Arnold Wong co-founded ARTA Architects in 2021. Prior to ARTA, he was trained at renowned architectural firms including SANAA (Tokyo & Paris), UNStudio (Amsterdam & Hong Kong), Aedas, where he worked as lead designer and project architect for various projects in Asia and Europe including theatre, museum, hotel and shopping mall. Apart from his international professional experience, Arnold is the winner of numerous design awards. He was honoured the Winner Award of the prestigious “Hong Kong Institute of Architects Young Architect Award and named as DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent.