PrizeFinalists in Build (architecture)
Design TeamLuke Han, Mingyuan Zhang, Fangwan Ye, Zhenfeng Wang, Yongjian Yang, Jiping liu, Junjun Zhao, Haizhen Li, Zhihao Liang, Chong Lu
CreditChuan He

An Hui-style Castle That Grows Naturally In The Sky WYNDHAM DONGRONG HOTEL is located in the south of Yixian County, next to Zhangshui River. It is connected to the Hongcun Tourist Attraction in the east and Xidi Tourist Attraction in the south. There is no doubt that the location of the hotel has laid the cornerstone for subsequent operations. After in-depth analysis of the location and regional culture of the hotel, the designers put forward an integrated architectural, landscape and interior design solution that integrates localization and experience.

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