Ardabil Science & Technology Park

PrizeShortlist in Build (architecture)
CompanyArseh Consulting Engineers
ArtistNima Mostafaei
Design TeamSina Mostafaei, Abed Satari, Mohammad Behzadpour, Mehdi Haghighi,Marzieh Mirasadi,Mahafarid Kazemi,Amir Roshanzamir,Ehsan Khajeh,Mansour Bahmanzadeh,
ClientMinistry of Science, Research and Technology, Iran
CreditArdabil Science & Technology Park | Arseh Consulting Engineers Company

The very definition of a Science & Technology Park proposes the idea of backing mere “ideas”. Ideas that wouldn’t necessarily be the next great break-through. Whether they become the next great enterprise of their time is never guaranteed, only hoped for. So, perhaps the only way to know for sure is to give them ample opportunity and support to flourish-either they make it or they don’t. We wouldn’t know until we give them a chance; namely, change our vantage point. Just like the Schrodinger’s Cat! This building has the very same concept at heart! Black & White! Dead & Alive at the same time!