PrizeShortlist in Create (art)
CompanyHannah Thomas Studio
ArtistHannah Thomas
CreditHannah Thomas

Illusion of Confusion: Beginning of a new project, a series of paintings exploring ongoing themes of Absurdism and Chaos but also new more personal themes such as disorientation, alienation, fractured relations and dealing with the random. It is acrylic on canvas, employs many of my signature motifs but also broke new ground regarding the nature of my abstraction and the materials used, some of which now underpin my process in all my works.

Hannah studied Art at the University of West of England, before deciding to work as a music photographer in London. She moved into painting seeking greater artistic autonomy and an arena in which to be truly experimental. With full emotional energy placed upon every canvas, Hannah's paintings explore the state of restlessness, chaos and chance that life represents, and the challenges of retaining a sense of one’s own capability and autonomy in the face of this.