Anonymous Existence

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CompanyArron Hsiao
ArtistArron Hsiao
CreditArron Hsiao
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Can photography divorced from the surface of image to reveal the true essence of Life itself? In this thought, I use invisible light camera: infrared thermal camera to take portrait photos in order to get rid of the social information which reflects clues of the hierarchy and race. These images will be processed by an image program intended to destroy pixels, further erasing all information about the details. With the help of mechanical imperfections, this work reveals the similarities and the possibilities of dialogue between human and mechanical art - Art comes from imperfection.

I’m an artist based in Taiwan, using photography as main media, also using performance art and installation as ways to implement my idea. My topics of art are mainly about the concept and the essence behind the surface of image, also use art as a critic and introspection about the environment around our life. Because of my background in electronics profession, my work also experiments on the digital possibility of art, and also search for the possibility of new photography and new media.