The Safe House

PrizeFinalists in Create (art)
CompanyJanine Seelen
Credit10.02.2021_08/36h // The Bunker
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The pandemic made us experience that space combined with our respiratory reflex is life-threatening. Lock down. An apartment in a former bunker, a people shelter during WW2, and a house in a flooding area became my oases. I studied boredom, reflection, and reduction. Central theme are details of the scenic locations I spend my time in: Communicating and visualizing the exact opposite of what is going on outside: inner peace and relaxation versus chaos, death, and anxiety. Due to the enlarged dimensions of objects my art leads to a self-awareness of silence and strength. Inner peace. Safe House

Janine Seelen is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. "Our daily life is determined by moving images that are bright. Everything must be clearly visible, optimized and to be bought immediately. We are always reachable. Objects, rooms, and spaces are being designed as computer generated images and are being built through 3D printers – digital first and instant gratification." Instead of creating corporate identities, interior magazines and websites, Janine is focussing on painting spaces, collaborating with other artists and experiments with space concepts and sculptures.