La chute

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ArtistAMARGER Brigitte
CreditBrigitte Amarger
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A societal context of pandemic, wars and attacks and a scientific questioning on imbalances, are at the origin of this work. The universal law of gravity is exerted on all form of matter and this rain of bodies evokes a fragile humanity that falls and gradually disappears, in a slow motion movement. Opposite, a second part offers a more poetic and serene meditative contemplation of the fall of natural elements of the vegetation that evokes the immutable cycle of the seasons, this time that passes inexorably. The whole offers a reflection on our future and the one of our planet.

AMARGER is working predominantly with medical imagery and new technologies, in large-scale installations, playing with the aesthetic factors of transparency and reflection. Her work unquestionably fashion a reflection about human, its place in the society, the universe and the nature. She has a deep-rooted interest for the scientific and medical world and is best known for large-scale X Rays installations and discarded materials artworks. Sensitive to ecological issues, she finds in her artistic practice a symbolic double direction: create artworks by recycling discarded materials.