Digital Art: new hybrids

PrizeShortlist in Create (art)
CompanyEmyr Williams
ArtistEmyr Williams

These images are created out of sketchbook drawings and abstract ink drawings.Looking at my sketchbooks I lamented the fact that like any artist’s books, they will rarely see the light of day and simply gather dust on a shelf. Scanning them in to my computer and worked into new realities, they have been given a fresh context. Juxtaposed figuration seems to slow down the pace of looking, also. I am fascinated how colour operates on screen as opposed to canvas and I am using mainly lateral colour relationships, opacities and line to animate space. I want them to have immediacy and intrigue.

Abstract painter exploring the relationship between colour, drawing and space. Published author: "Abstract Painting and Abstraction". Extensively published in Art press. Teach occasional classes at Royal Academy. Exhibited globally, award winning, work in numerous public, corporate and private collections worldwide.