Washer Series

PrizeShortlist in Create (art)
CompanySusan Fraser-Hughes
ArtistSusan Fraser-Hughes

Washers, is a series of five drawings exploring, as the name suggests, a simple, yet visually powerful object. As an empath, I have a tendency to absorb enormous amounts of emotion. Be it from watching events on the television, or from listening to the personal stories of others. I want to be aware, and want to listen when others need me to. But what I have discovered, is that if I don't have the right tools in place, certain exposures can send me down what I call "the rabbit hole". I carry a washer on my person, to remind myself to stay open, but at the same time, self protective.

Susan Fraser-Hughes grew up in Perth, Western Australia. She moved to Calgary, Canada in 1996, and then Vancouver in 2011. She holds a BFA, an MFA, and most recently, a PhD from Aberystwyth University in Wales. Two recurrent themes run throughout Susan's work: sense of place, and sense of self. Her art documents her journey, her physical journey; places she has visited and lived, architectural and landscape, and her inner journey; aspects of self and personal history.