Professore Caribbean Rum

PrizeShortlist in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyAmoth Studio
ArtistSasha Sharavarau
Design Team Art Director and Designer - Sasha Sharavarau, Illustrator - Tania Sharavarava, Artworker - Robert Špecián, 3D visualizer - Anatoly Vynokurov
ClientST. NICOLAUS - trade, a.s.

Rum-blending is a science. While professors record their knowledge in books, blend-masters apply it to the art of mixing drinks. Inspired by book covers and Caribbean motifs, we created a label design for Professore - a new Caribbean rum. On the one hand, we found a way to comply with the traditional visual style of the rum segment, yet on the other, created a unique language, architecture, and concept for the new product.

Amoth Studio is a Prague-based design studio specializing in packaging and brand identity.