Orloj Absinth

PrizeFinalists in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyAmoth Studio
ArtistSasha Sharavarau
Design Team Art Director, Designer and Illustrator - Sasha Sharavarau
ClientL'OR Special Drinks

Once two Czech alcohol producers decided to collaborate and craft a new high-quality edition of absinthe. They brought the traditional Czech absinthe recipe and the medieval symbol of the city of Prague - the astronomical clock - together. This is how the concept for the new astronomical absinthe called "Orloj" appeared. Each element on the label emphasizes the theme of the astronomical absinthe. It is represented by a wormwood leaf surrounded by the constellations in the starry sky. This composition serves as a metaphor for the discovery of a new product in the universe of absinthe producers.

Amoth Studio is a Prague-based design studio specializing in packaging and brand identity.